"Restored Media" Established in 1994, stepped-up as "Quality Matters" by 2010 with its present outfit and remains the only film restoration company with an expertise to undertake the most complex & severely damaged celluloids (films).

Today with a yearly capacity to deliver over 1800 hours of restored film at 4K resolution. With the simplicity & technical aptitudes we remained to be the most reliable and sought after Restoration Company in India. Our humble efforts are towards being the Global Best by 2018.

  • Quality Matters has been helping major Indian  studios like Prime Focus & Pixeon to meet their restoration commitments for Classics or badly decomposed film negatives. 

  • Quality Matters has already made its presence felt in the global film restoration benchmark through the excellence of its people, its innovative approach and overall conduct. Underpinning this vision is a performance culture committed to aspiration targets, quality of continuous improvement, openness and transparency.

  • Quality Matters production facilities include those in India and US, having  earned respect by delivering impossible & technical association with the veterans of industry in Los Angeles and world over. Happy direct & sub-contracted clientele from Poland,  Malaysia, USA & India.  In past operating companies within the Group include Eque Inc. formerly known as RMT (Restored Media Technologies).

Workflow as Quality Matters

Pre-Preparatory activities

  1. Preparing of all necessary elements 

  2. Photo-chemical 

  3. Ultra sound cleaning of grease & settled particles

  4. Wet gate frame by frame 4K scan

  5. Colour Grading & Image Enhancement

  6. Frame by Frame; 

  • Dust, Dirt, Blotches, Mould, Bacteria, Scratches, Speckles, Stains.

  • Destroyed images, Bad Splices, Tears, Burned Frames, Warped Images, Missing Frames.

  • Brightness Instability & Flicker Problems.

  • Film Grain Management & Récursive Noise.

  • Vertical Line scratches, Splice Bumps & Transition Jumps.

  • Luminance Leaks from Sound tracks.

  • Colour Cast & Colour Registration Problems.

Pre-Delivery activities

  1. Quality Control

  2. Colour Testing & Digital Intermediate

  3. Film out to 35mm Negative

  4. 2K DPX files on Hard Drive for digital backup

Ready to deliver : 

  1. Originals. 

  2. DI Negative of  Restored Content.

  3. 4K/2K DPX Files on Hard Drive for Digital backup.

  4. HD / SD QuickTime.

Who Matters in Quality Matters​

Kiran is an eminent technocrat as well as Business Wizard held various positions as National Marketing & Business Development Manager, Route to Market, and Trade Marketing Manager for trade companies in Middle East, Asia Pacific & Africa in top Fortune 500 multinational manufacturer of consumer products; Brand Names include Shell, Caltex, and Godrej. Currently he is holding Marketing & Business Development responsibility for– Asia Pacific & African markets.


Koushik is an extraordinarily gifted hardworking artist synthesized his skills on canvas to Digital Domain, resulting a new found medium to protect his first love – Early Cinema.
In 1994 developed his first paint application & since then have been entrusted with only ‘impossible to restore’ films from veterans across the globe.  Innovator with more than 2 decades of celluloid & software development expertise.


Atanu is recognized as a Top 10 Future CIOs, based on a 360° evaluation for managerial skills and personality & leadership skills. An international figure and a Multi Domain Specialist including subject matter expertise in catering to Financial Services, Security & Guarding, Logistics, Capital Projects & Infra etc. in a span of 30 years.

showcasing excellence in spearheading complex projects being keen strategist, exhibiting excellence in securing data with zero faults, setting up datacenters & virtualisation of server without any downtime and adhering to the standards of ITIL comes handy to Quality Matters.

Dhananjoy is a technocrat with very rare combination of  honesty & non-destructive approach, a firm believer of no short-cut theory. Has an undying love for perfection with outstanding results.
Custodian of faith – ‘Every dead frame can be brought back to life’
A selfless leader, teacher & best colleague to have, avid trouble shooter. A wizard in making…  


Vivek is a avid editor & quality freak, he is on board with all the responsibility of authorizing QC & delivery. Nothing can escape his vigilante eyes.
Absolute, innovative and possesses a natural essence for perfection – a must have. Excellent team player & favorite of all the senior, junior artists, supervisors & managers.

Old Quality Associates

Paul Rutan Jr. (Director: Restoration & Preservation at NT Audio Video Film Labs) is an industry recognized authority on all obsolete and current motion picture film formats and stocks from the late 1800′s to the present. 
Specializing in both black and white, and color, Paul is well versed in all laboratory, optical, Hi-Def and digital formats. 
Paul’s experience ranges from 8mm, 16mm, 35mm to 65mm film formats. Industry acclaimed film restoration and preservation wizard for more than 40 years.

Christopher Dusendschön (Digital Imaging Supervisor, Imaging R&D Engineer and Film Editorial Assistant at illuminate Hollywood an HTV Company) is a Filmmaker and a Hollywood visual effects veteran, a prolific artist and designer with a mixture of highly technical and extensive fine arts backgrounds. 
He is best known for his technical contributions to hundreds of feature films, as well as many award-winning music videos and television commercials. For nearly four decades.

“Unlike all the other art forms, film is able to seize and render the passage of time, to stop it, almost to possess it in infinity. I’d say that film is the sculpting of time.”

– Andrei Tarkovsky